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Blog 1: Fashion + Motherhood

Blog 1: Fashion + Motherhood


Being a mom has been, hands down, the most rewarding yet most frustrating jobs I’ve ever had. The amount of love that has abounded from my heart for these tiny little people that my very own body created is immeasurable yet the number of times I’ve yelled at the same tiny people to PICK UP THEIR TOYS ALREADY! is also immeasurable. Being a mom is, in and of itself, already a complicated mix of challenging and rewarding and often the last thing on a mom’s mind is looking fashionable. In reality (real reality, not Instagram “reality”), moms have a million other things to think about before thinking about what to wear and looking picture perfect every day.


With that said, most moms I think want to feel good about what clothes they have on, even if it’s lounge pants and a tank top with flip flops. Or at the very least I think we just want to make sure we’re looking like we’re not wearing something drug from the bottom of the dirty clothes pile (yes, I’ve worn the same pair of lounge pants a good 12 times before washing and let’s just say Febreze and a tumble in the dryer go a long way).


So maybe the word “Fashion” isn’t synonymous with “Motherhood” lol. For some of you I imagine it is, but for most of us it is not.


This brings me to the top 5 key items I have to have in my wardrobe to always feel at least put together if not accidentally stylish while doing my mommin’ thing.




Ok please don’t look me in the face like you’re dead serious and tell me you think leggings aren’t pants. OMG they are pants and they’re the most comfortable pants so get over yourself already and join the dark side. I dare you to go to Target in your leggings with a denim skirt over the top like it’s 2003. News flash, that was 15 years ago and not even cute then.


I will agree hands down that TIGHTS are not pants. Tights are those thick opaque pantyhose like contraptions that actually look really great under dresses in the fall and winter. They come in footed and footless which I think is where all the confusion begins. Still don’t even dare putting them under a cut off denim skirt. Just don’t.


Leggings (actual leggings) run the gamut in style. From the athletic to the ultra-chic, leggings can anchor your whole outfit. Choose what’s most comfortable to you and pair with some of the items below for a complete look.







By tunic style I mean nice and long and a little roomy. To put an easiness to your style and a freshness to your look, opt for a soft cottony material and classic cut (like a tee or tank). For a little more tailored look, go for linen in the spring and summer. I’m notorious for buying the same tee or tank in multiple colors if the fit is just right. These can be worn with leggings and will cover the booty and other oft times less desirable assets. Find them in high-low hems and front tuck into denim, khakis or joggers. Pair with a roomy sweater in colder months for a pulled together look. Find them with your favorite sayings or statements for an even more personalized look.




This category really could be “DISTRESSED SKINNY JEANS” because I swear I have probably 30 pairs of skinny jeans with rips and maybe 2 pair without. But in all honesty, it’s not about the rips and tears, it’s about the fit. Not too tight yet not roomy is the goal. Skinny jeans really do go with EVERYTHING. You can dress them up with fancy heels and a dressy top or wear them with sneakers and tee shirt. These truly should be your main mom staple. New mom?? Wear your maternity skinny jeans until you feel like not wearing them anymore even if that’s forever. Been a mom for 35 years?? Rock those skinny jeans with a cardigan set and a cute pair of flats like you know you still look good (cuz you do)!





I know this category is hard to think about right now when you’re sweating you ass off in the insane heat of summer, but this is an absolute must. This is the item that can really pull a whole look together (with the exception of #5 below). This is where you can decide if your outfit is “serious” or “playful” or just plain “comfortable.” Military inspired jackets (vests too!) are a thing still and pair well with leggings and denim. Denim jackets go with just about everything - dresses, khakis, joggers, leggings, shorts, skirts – you name it! Boyfriend style sweaters or dolman sleeved sweaters go well over simple tops and any choice of bottoms. And please don’t forget about the caftan. It’s a highly underrated, yet shockingly easy to wear look.





This is really where you get to express uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy here. Wearing black leggings, a black tank top and a black sweater? Opt for a neon pink statement necklace and metallic sneakers to give yourself that boost of style AND confidence. In the throes of newborn life, I had a uniform of comfy skinny jeans or black leggings paired with gray, black or white tops (tees, tanks, sweaters etc). I could throw on my comfiest leopard print flats and a big pair of colorful or metallic leather earrings and BAM! Cute outfit accomplished with almost no effort.